Arcadian Fields is a certified organic farm. Located in the heart of Arcadia State Park in Hope Valley, Rhode Island, 2020 marks our 21st year farming in this location. This year our focus will be on growing food for our CSA members.

What will unfold in the world right now is a mystery. But what will unfold in the fields is not. The earth is waiting – and with time, seeds, rain and sun, no matter what – crops will grow!

This year, growing food for our friends and family takes on new meaning. We are committed to growing vegetables that will bring joy and create sustenance for our community. To that end, we will be expanding the CSA, growing veggies for farm members to pick up at the farm on a weekly basis.

Every CSA is a little bit different. At Arcadian Fields, we pretty much welcome you into the family. We want the farm to feel as special to you as it does to us. There is always a bounty here, and sharing it makes us happy!

In addition, we are looking forward to another year of collaboration with Hope’s Harvest. Last year we donated over 2000 pounds of kale! That is a lot of kale. This year we aim to grow even more. https://hopesharvest.org

We’re not just farmers. Our other project we have been working on is close to completion! Stephen and I have pretty much finished our documentary film Beneath the Polar Sun.  http://enduringice.com/trailer/

Thank you All, Diana & Stephen