The Season Begins

Arcadian Fields is a certified organic farm. This year marks a new beginning. We won’t be selling at the Hope Street Market anymore. For twenty years we went, and it was awesome, and it was exhausting. And it was the only thing we could do. This year we will be unusual. In July we’ll be in the Arctic, just 500 miles from the North Pole, filming for our upcoming documentary, Enduring Ice. We will be selling basil before we head north, and when we return, heirloom tomatoes, fingerling potatoes, italian peppers … will all be ripe.

The new concept – Eat like a farmer! There are so many crops that are easy to put by – pesto, roasted tomatoes and peppers… We’ll be selling in bulk, and providing information to you about freezing and canning, about how to store summer’s bounty.

Once Fall arrives, I think we’ll do a mini-CSA – winter squash, potatoes, radicchio, beets, fennel, escarole, daikons, hakurie turnips…

We are still working on setting up drop off locations. Right now we have one here at the farm in Hope Valley and another one on the East Side of Providence. Basically, we need you to help us figure out this new incarnation of the farm – how to be not just organic, but sustainable for the farmers.

Thank You All,

Diana & Stephen

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